Welcome to the official webpage of Dargon, the Human Slayer! This book has yet to be accepted for publication or representation, BUT I have high hopes for some upcoming conferences that it will catch an agent or editor’s  eye. The goal of this page is to offer teachers, home schoolers, librarians, book clubs, and other educators ideas for including Dargon in their curriculum/programming. Once it’s accepted for publication and the copyright is worked out, I’ll be able to include a sample under the EXCERPTS tab.


cartoon_dragon nice

Dargon on a good day                                                      Dargon on a bad day                

Discussion Questions/Interactive Projects

Book I: Prehistoria

1.)    Dargon wants to become Master Slayer and has trained for it really hard. Do you have a dream? What is it? What are you doing or what can you do to help it come true?

2.)    What are some dragon inventions in this story? Design your own invention. How does it get power? What does it do? Draw a picture of your invention and talk about what it does.

3.)    Visit a natural history museum near you or check out a website of a famous natural history museum. What do you find interesting? For links to natural history museums, visit http://paleo.cc/kpaleo/museums.htm.

4.)    Using the further reading section in back of the book, do a research project on volcanoes or take a virtual tour of a volcano. Display the information you learned on a bulletin board, or make your own volcano using baking soda and vinegar! For detailed instructions, you can visit http://chemistry.about.com/cs/howtos/ht/buildavolcano.htm.

5.)    What is an ice age? Are we in an ice age now? What sort of animals lived during the last ice age? What were the humans who lived back then like?

6.)    Dargon has a big problem near the end of the story. What would you have done if you were him? Why?


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