Treasure Traitor, a great gift for your teen!

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In a universe torn by war, two governments vie for power: the elemental Kingdom and the telepathic Hierarchy. Hierarchy women with animal bonds think nothing of sacrificing their beasts’ lives to protect themselves.

Except sixteen-year-old Renagada. The bond with her carrion-eater bird Acha is two-sided, and she knows his mind as much as he knows hers. When Rena overhears her parents plotting to kill Acha because of superstition, she must leave her fiancé and home of sheltered luxury to flee with Acha into the desert. Peril awaits them at every turn, and someone is tracking them…

“In TREASURE TRAITOR, L.J. Popp has created a magical fantasy world of adventure, intrigue and heart-pounding excitement. A talented young writer in the field is at the beginning of a brilliant career.” Charles W. Sasser, author of Dark Planet.

“Once I came to know Rena and [Acha] as a team, I had a very clear and compelling impression of them. So much so that I was ready to follow them through the rest of the novel. That’s a tribute to the strength of the work.” Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Expert Reviewer

Treasure Traitor Chapter One Excerpt

Treasure Traitor Discussion Questions (for book clubs & teachers)

An interview with Acha and Rena

Laura would love to come speak to your school or book club!


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