Posted by: L.J. Popp | July 20, 2013

Secretary bird

This week I’m the featured author on Elaine Stock’s Everyone’s Story! I love her tag line: Uplifting Stories for Readers, Writers, and all those in-between.  Hopefully you’ll be uplifted by my post, and possibly get a free book out of it, too! I’m offering a free copy of Treasure Traitor to one randomly selected cementer.  So far there are only 2 entries, so your chances are pretty high!

Here’s an excerpt to stoke your interest:

As a child I dreamed of becoming a famous author. A whole universe swirled through my mind, demanding to be realized. I wrote dozens of stories and received only “thank you, buts…” in return. My dream seemed to be miscarrying before it could even be delivered.

Then, in 2009 at age 23, God called me as a missionary to Japan. A chill of fear accompanied my excitement. Could I find a church family? Would I ever master Japanese? Most importantly: could I pursue my writing career?

I suddenly found myself immersed in a world where few had even heard the name Jesus. It was suffocating to realize I may be the only person my students, colleagues, and friends ever met who could tell them about God’s ultimate sacrifice and love. Compared to this desperate need, writing stories felt almost sacrilegious. Spending hundreds of dollars mailing off manuscripts and contest fees and attending writers’ conferences in Tokyo seemed like a waste.

After the March 2011 tsunami swept away hundreds of homes and thousands of lives, I voiced my concerns to a fellow missionary. Shouldn’t I be spending all my time and resources in the relief effort? Was it selfish of me to harbor this dream of publishing books about make-believe worlds when the real world around me was falling apart?

Her forehead wrinkled, as if the question confused her. “Laura,” she said…

And you’ll just have to go to Everyone’s Story and read the rest!


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