Posted by: L.J. Popp | March 24, 2013

10 Reasons You Should Travel Part II

After much popularity, I decided to go ahead and post Part II on my blog as well! Enjoy!

Expand Your Language Skills

            There’s no greater impetus for learning a language than suddenly finding yourself immersed in it! I studied Japanese for a year before leaving for Japan, but I probably learned more in my first two months living there than I did for that whole year! Especially if you plan to stay somewhere for awhile, don’t shy away from language learning. Even a few badly pronounced words fumbled from an open dictionary can open beautiful relationships with locals and unique travel opportunities. While visiting Kagoshima, I stumbled upon a lost mother and daughter. By simply giving them directions to the nearest train station, they offered to take me along, and I spent the whole day enjoying a free guided tour!

Expand Your Relationships

Stretch yourself to meet locals and other internationals. Some of my most pleasant experiences have arisen through chance meetings with people I met on a hike through a waterfall forest and vacant beaches. Make sure you take the time and effort to maintain relationships you really want to keep. These are two Japanese sisters I helped during the tsunami. When they left my home, they said, “Now we’re three sisters!”

Maiko and friends

Expand Your Job Potential

            In today’s world of social networking where employers are likely to check your facebook and twitter pages, people who have traveled widely and show it off can be more eye catching and interesting than those who haven’t. They often possess skills essential in a highly globalized market. Frequent travelers show an eagerness to learn, try new things, adapt to change, and operate outside their comfort zone. Just be sure that if you apply for a job that requires a long commitment to one place, you can promise your employer you won’t be skipping the country any time soon!

Expand Your Inner Artist

            I’m an author by trade, and nothing inspires me more than being in a new place. I’ve done my best and most prolific writing while living or traveling abroad. Whether it’s researching birds at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore for my novel Treasure Traitor or caving in the bowels of Missouri’s caverns for the sequel, not only do I come back with great stories, but awesome pictures!  One of my favorite songs, America the Beautiful, was composed by Katharine Lee Bates after a trip to Pike’s Peak.

Sunrise from the peak of Mt.Fuji

 60 Best Fuji sunrise

Expand Your Purpose

            There are so many things I never would have tried or learned or accomplished had I not traveled. These experiences became a part of who I am and added to the richness of my life in ways I can’t even know. I know for certain, though, that I wouldn’t have found my purpose as a missionary/writer/teacher if left to my small-town upbringing. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

About Me:

Laura Popp is a part-time writer, full-time tourist (oops, I mean English instructor) who finances her two great passions by teaching. She has taught/volunteered in the U.S., Japan, India, Mexico, and Malawi, Africa. She’s also visited Thailand, Singapore, Ethiopia, Scotland, Korea, and China. Her first fantasy novel, Treasure Traitor, partially based on her adventures, was released in November, 2012.

What are your reasons for traveling? Post them here in the comments!


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