Posted by: L.J. Popp | December 30, 2012

My First Book Signing

With the holiday season so busy, I just now got time to write about my very first book signing! It went so well! About ten people came for my presentation on how my world-wide adventures have wormed their way into Treasure Traitor. I dressed in my southern Indian clothes, a bit like the main character Renagada, and brought a lot of my treasures that I’ve procured abroad (two swords, my Japanese kimono, Asian dolls, etc). I sold a lot of books, and made some great friends! Here I am with another local author Tammy Mullins, also there for Bring Your Child to a Book Store Day:

Boarding House Books signing

Some authors don’t like to do dual signings because they think it will take away from their personal sales. I couldn’t disagree more! Multi-author events generate more publicity and are more fun. Tammy and I don’t write the same kind of books, but even if we did, who says a reader couldn’t buy both? That’s what’s so wonderful about being an author. Even though it’s partly a business,  no two people can create the exact same story, and we can all help each other improve. Compared to sports or other business endeavors, it’s far more collaborative than competitive.

One of my students who takes Japanese from me over Skype (she goes by Saki-chan) and her mother had to come late because of work. So I got to give the presentation all over again in a more relaxed, informal way. Here we are, sitting on the floor together.

With Danny and Hadessah

The staff at the bookstore was really nice, especially the owner, Janice. She said she’d be happy to invite me to more signings in the future.

All in all, it was a really great experience!

Until next time,
L.J. Popp


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