Posted by: L.J. Popp | October 17, 2012

Title Design

Lots of exciting things happening! We finalized the story edits, so the PDF form of Treasure Traitor will come out this week, not for sale yet but copy editing. After that it’ll go into ebook, and finally print! We also discussed the title design. Here’s that process:

Hi, Lynda,

I put the cover design up on my website and I’ve been getting a lot of feedback. It’s funny, some people are saying the same thing. Remember when I thought it might be fun to try out a different style font? If it’s not too much, do you think we might try something a little more archaic-looking? I was thinking that myself, and then suddenly I got all these random comments from total strangers saying it might be good for the font to be different, like an older, slightly cursive style, and one person even suggested the Harry Potter look. There also seems to be a general consensus that the purple in the title is a bit dark and might be better as pink. Is that too much to ask for this late in the process? If so, forget I mentioned it.


Hi, Laura,

I’m attaching a title test page.  I’ve changed the color to a bit more pinkish, and found four different fonts that could work for the title.  I’m not trying to be Harry Potter, I’m trying to be Treasure Traitor.  For the interior effect to work, we need a fairly bold font, and caps is ideal.  So think about the world of your story and what kind of writing they’d use.  My favorite is the top left, but maybe you like something else.  Let me know ASAP because Kristine needs the final font for interior title.


She had a really good point about not copying another book. That said though, the upper right reminded me of how TOR does their fantasy covers. It brought back a lot of nostalgia and really screamed “epic fantasy!” at me. So this is what I told Lynda:

This is AWESOME! I’m absolutely in love with the upper right. It’s beautiful. Is that OK? It’s “classic,” but unique.

Thanks again!

Any other thoughts or comments? I’d be curious to know what others think…

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