Posted by: L.J. Popp | October 10, 2012

Treasure Traitor Photo Shoot 1

So, since the Treasure Traitor cover doesn’t have the main character Renagada on it, lots of people are asking me what she looks like (apart from the short description given in the book). I did a photo shoot recently to give you an idea…though keep in mind, this is me, not her. Rena is only sixteen (versus me being 26) and has darker skin, multi-colored eyes and wears a blue zeeara, which is somewhat like a sari, only inverted. She also fights with two scimitars, not one. But this was the best I could do given my limited ethnicity and the props I have to work with.

The first picture is my premier speaking engagement, at the Elm Creek Estates block party in Owasso, Oklahoma on September 8th from 12-3. I actually spoke about my trip to India, but also mentioned Treasure Traitor. The other photos are ones Mom and I had fun taking at the house:

That’s what I have so far. Stay tuned for more pics, updates, and events as we get closer to the release!


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